Helpful Info on How You Can Gain Good Friends

Everyone needs a companion, as the saying goes “no man is an island”. Whether you’re poor or rich, you need to have somebody that you can talk to, someone who is ready to listen. You can’t be alone forever; you need a helping hand by your side. Making friends is very easy but having a good friend is not. There are lots of people today who are after your riches, and when times of trouble and crisis come, they may not show up when you need them the most. Below are traits that you should consider on how to gain good friends:

  • If you want to make friends, you should spend more time around people and try to be more positive. Look at them as if you know them already.
  • Join an organization or a club which has common interest like you do. It’s a great way to meet new friends.
  • You may join a sport team, a band or choir even if you are not that good, but the attitude of supporting them is one way to gain their confidence and trust in you.
  • Volunteering is another way to meet new faces in all ages, and you build a bond with those people by working together with them.
  • Make eye contact and wear a big smile to those individuals who are less friendly.
  • Talk to people or start a conversation with any topics or just simply praise their outfit.
Helpful Info on How You Can Gain Good Friends

Above are some examples of knowing how to make friends. Choosing a good friend is hard, but below is ways or signs that show what a good friend should be:

Helpful Info on How You Can Gain Good Friends
  • Someone who is kind and respects, showing his or her loyalty at the same time.
  • Someone you can trust and will support you no matter what happens.
  • Someone who will not purposely hurt your feelings.
  • Someone who will love you for who you are and not what you are.
  • Someone who is trustworthy and willing to rebuke you if you did something bad.
  • Someone who will stand and stick around when times get tough.
  • Someone who will cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh.

Making friends can be tough and you have to spend time to consider them as a real good friend. A good and true friend can’t be bought with money.

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