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Effective Ways On How You Can Stop Or Avoid Vices

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”, this is very true. All forms of vices can make an individual unhealthy, whether it’s emotional or physical sickness. There are different ways to avoid or stop vices and below are a few of them:


Effective Ways On How You Can Stop Or Avoid Vices

Acknowledge that you have a bad habit that needs to be stopped. The first thing that you need to do is to accept that you have vices that you need to break.

Peer pressure

We all know that peer pressure contributes in motivating an individual to participate in doing things that he or she does not want to be involved. Vices can be very addictive once you are exposed to it, and without proper guidance, the result can be devastating in the long run. Establish a firm decision; saying “no” to your friends is a good start.

Find someone and something else

Look for someone else who doesn’t like vices and be part of this kind of environment. Try something else that can become your positive habit. Battle vices with the right kind of attitude and you will surely help yourself.

Effective Ways On How You Can Stop Or Avoid Vices

Challenge yourself

Motivate yourself by reading the bad effects of vices. Put in your mind how it can destroy you, this way, you can challenge yourself to stop, which gives you more self-control.

Get counselling, medication or both

You can always talk to a psychologist for counselling; ask your doctor about using medications or do both. Ask your physician the options that you have. But you need to remember that they can all be useless if you do not have discipline, will and the drive to motivate yourself to stop.

Remember, you hold the key to decide in stopping or avoiding vices. This is not easy but this is possible for anyone who would like to change their lives. Think more of the positive outcome and benefits that you can get, this will make you and your loved ones very happy.

How Your Teens Can Build Their Self-Worth

When the child is at his or her teenage years, it’s normal for them to be experiencing a lot of changes in their body as well as mood swings, but this is dependent on different factors. What every parent should watch out is building the self-worth of their teens, this is very important to keep them going towards their adulthood. A proper guidance is always good for them, and here are ways on how a parent can help their teenagers build their self-worth:

  1. Give them the praise that they need – as we see them grow up; we mostly comment on the bad things that they have done. Give praise or appreciation on what they have accomplished, their talent and the abilities that they are good at. Complimenting for their efforts can be good too, and show them how sincere you are.
  2. Be a good role model to your child – what you do or say can be very influential to your teens, do your best to act as their positive model that they can look up to.
  3. Help them accomplish opportunities – know your teen’s interest and get him or her involved with it. It can be playing an instrument, sports, traveling, or theatre arts. This is a good way to boost his or her confidence and this will also mould them to become a good citizen as they grow old.
  4. Try and join them with their activities – find time to participate in their activities. If they have programs that require your presence, you should be there. This gives them the boosts that they need from you to achieve their goals.
  5. Listen to what they say – no matter how tired or irritated we are, listen to your teen’s needs. Communication is the key to a healthy parent-child relationship. If you take time to listen and understand them, you will surely know how to help them with whatever they are going through.
  6. Use you authority as a parent – you can set some boundaries and rules that they can follow, and let him or her understand its importance. You should be supportive and sensitive to your teen’s needs at the same time.
  7. Help them become responsible – no matter how technologically advanced we are today, help your teens to become proactive and not just spending most of their time with gadgets. Allow them to look for a part time job or even become a volunteer in your community, this will surely help them realize their self-worth.
  8. He or she is unique – help your teen understand that we are not living in this world to please others but to live according to the things that make you happy, and knowing the difference between right and wrong.
How Your Teens Can Build Their Self-Worth

These are important ways that every parent should know to help their teens in building their self-worth.

How to Go about Muscle Building

Muscle building is one of the many challenges that a lot of men fail at. Some fail due to their lack of motivation, while some just don’t know what they’re doing. Some try to find easy ways to look leaner and sexier, but at the end of the day, muscle building can truly be achieved only through sweat, hard work, and dedication. Muscle building requires discipline – something many people lack – to be able to continuously go through the difficult process. Also, muscle building requires proper knowledge because doing things blindly without proper knowledge could end up in serious injuries.

How to Go about Muscle Building

Weights are an unchangeable part of muscle building. In order to increase muscle mass, a person has to subject his muscles to tremendous amounts of stress and work, which should be well above what his body is accustomed to. Doing so on a regular basis leads to muscle tearing, which ultimately leads to bigger muscles. In muscle building, it is important to work past the muscles’ limits and cause them to fail. Doing this regularly while giving the muscles ample time to repair them is the key to achieving one’s goals.

How to Go about Muscle Building

One’s diet is also a vital part of muscle building. This isn’t talking about the common misconception of people about diets – eating much less or not eating at all. Instead, this focuses on what one eats and how much food is taken. To efficiently build muscle, it is important for a person to eat protein from healthy sources. One should also increase the amount of food he takes in per meal. To build muscle, a person needs to ingest huge amounts of calories. It is highly recommended though that people take in protein, carbohydrates, and fats only from healthy sources to reduce health risks while increasing their food intake.

Muscle building is a hard, painful, and extremely challenging endeavor. It isn’t for the vain or the faint at heart. Muscle building experts admit that it is extremely difficult, but they go on to say that once people begin to see the fruits of their labor, they will begin to feel good, and when they do, they’ll learn to incorporate their muscle building activities in their daily lives.