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Natural Healthy Beauty Tips

Everybody wants to have a beautiful and healthy body. You should take care of it rather than striving to be someone else. These natural healthy beauty tips from head to toe will surely enhance your over-all being.

Natural Healthy Beauty Tips


Your hair must be cleaned regularly, massage with your choice of oil and condition for a strong and healthy hair. Massaging your hair, use a coconut oil mixed with lemon juice, olive oil for removing dandruff and castor oil for hair growth. To achieve a shiny and glowing hair, rinse it with tea.

Hand and Legs

Your hands and legs must be moisturized to achieve a smooth and fine skin. At night, it is good to massage them with olive oil with lemon juice. To have a tight skin and avoid wrinkles, use an egg white as a mask to your hands and legs.


Remember, your eyes is the window of your soul, they need extra care. To avoid eye problems, wash your eyes with rose water and eat a lot of spinach. For those dark spots around your eye area, cover them with slices of cucumber or potato and apply a milk and paste almond.


To have a healthy and beautiful skin even if you age, natural skin care tips will give you the best results. To moisturize, make a mixture of honey, vegetable oil and lemon and apply this to your skin. Instead of using a chemical based cleanser everyday, try milk with cucumber juice and to remove sunburned skin, apply egg white and honey.

Lip Care

To achieve red and soft lips naturally, apply butter and ghee regularly. For those who are experiencing blackness of the lip area, a mixture of honey, lemon juice and glycerine will help improve the color of your lips. To have red and shiny lips, apply beet juice for 3-4 minutes during night-time.

Natural Healthy Beauty Tips

These natural healthy beauty tips will help you look marvellous.

Why You Should Manage Stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies that people must face in their day-to-day lives. Stress can be caused by anything, at any given place and/or time. Stress has been proven to be connected with various illnesses in the human body and to have huge effects on one’s mental, physical, and emotional health. This is because the moment a person gets stressed out, his body experiences drastic changes due to an increased release of several neurotransmitters and hormones, which affect how he feels.

Why You Should Manage Stress

Prolonged stress is known to cause severe illnesses such as cancers and heart problems. While some think that being subjected to stress for a long time can make a person get used to it, the body really can’t. Stress can cause a person’s muscles to become tensed most of the time, even when they’re supposed to be relaxing. This can lead to a series of conditions that could hinder a person’s productivity. It can also cause some mental conditions that, if left untreated, could lead to serious mental problems such as chronic anxiety and panic attacks.

Stress can lead to quite a few health problems, ranging from physical to mental, which in turn could cause problems in a person’s life. This is why it should definitely be managed. One of the most effective techniques to manage stress is meditation. Meditation helps in mentally coping with stress by examining one’s self internally and eradicating the problems that are the root cause of stress. This can also help a person calm himself through proper breathing.

Stress is a problem that has many solutions. Still, many fall victim of it, mainly because they ignore it. Stress starts out as something manageable, but when left unchecked, it could eat up a person and cause irreparable damage to his body, as well as his life. By managing one’s stress, he can become more productive and, along the way, happier with his life.

Ways on Building Your Self-Confidence

There are different people who have poor self-confidence. Their reasons might cause them to barely approach people and talk to them. Some people have poor self-confidence because of their insecurities with their appearance and their perception on how other people see them. Here are some ways to boost or build your self-confidence.

Ways on Building Your Self-Confidence
  1. Know what makes you insecure. There are some people who are insecure with their physical appearance. They can either be too fat, they think they are not pretty or good-looking, their hair is unmanageable; they feel like they are geeks, and others.
  2. After knowing your insecurities, it is good to talk about it with a close friend or a loved one. They can help you by making you understand your insecurities and make you feel better.
  3. Learn that nobody is perfect and that everyone has insecurities. You should understand that if there are some mistakes made in the past because of these insecurities, you should make things better on the future. People should not dwell much on the past but move on to the future.
  4. Know what your strengths are. Although there are some people with insecurities with their appearance, they have strengths on other things. If they excel on their strengths it can give them a boost on their self-confidence by expressing themselves through their strengths.
  5. Be thankful for all the things you have. In being thankful with what you have regardless of the price, you can have more confidence knowing that there are people behind you who will always be there for you.
  6. Think positive. People who have insecurities are usually those who always have negative thoughts about themselves or on what is happening to them.
  7. It is always good to accept compliments gracefully.
  8. Smiling can boost a person’s self-confidence. This is because you feel good about yourself without thinking of what other people thinks.