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Steps on How You Can Find Your Purpose In Life

Most people wonder if their lives are important in this world. They question their existence and if they have been living with a purpose. They feel unhappy and see everything to be meaningless, but this should not be the case. Here is a basic guide for you to find your purpose in life:

  1. List down everything that you enjoy doing
    It is a list of the things that you love and like to do because of the happiness that it can give you. Being happy is an indication that you know your purpose in this world. This is because you want to spend time with your loved ones and all the other reasons that make you want to wake up in the morning such as your job, friends, activities, etc.
  2. List down the names of people that you admire
    These are people that inspire you. Write their names and reasons why you admire them. They have impact in your life that’s why you appreciate them. Use their positive qualities and apply it to your life, it can be telling the truth, being confident, and many others.
  3. Make a list of your daily achievements
    You might not notice it, but you are actually achieving something every day. You can even list down the things that you want to do for the week such as visiting your relative or friend’s house, watch a movie with someone special, etc. and make sure that you check the box as soon as you have done it and these actions can be repetitive. It will give you a sense of fulfilment and you’ll know that you definitely have a purpose in life.
  4. Give time to look at your feelings
    Living with a purpose gives you different types of feelings and this includes being happy, great, excited and alive.
  5. Face your fears
    Being afraid is a normal feeling and this makes things more exciting for you. Make fear as your encouraging strength to take the next step.
Steps on How You Can Find Your Purpose In Life

These are very basic steps but it will definitely answer your question about your purpose in life.

Best and Terrific Exercises For Oldies

As we age, the different physical workouts available today may not be up for one’s body. However, injury doesn’t choose age; it’s all in the right execution of techniques and proper form. You need to be smart if you want to stay fit and healthy, here is a list of the best exercises for oldies:

Tai Chi

It is known to be an internal form of martial art wherein the focus of meditation and powers of coordination and balance are fused together. It is very effective in managing stress and in developing the core strength.


It’s a full-body workout and it’s also meditation that can relieve stress. Older people are more likely to experience back pain, but yoga can relieve aches and pains because it can enhance flexibility and build solid core.

Hiking or walking

Walking is for general fitness and it is recommended by physicians.


This is an ultimate workout for the whole body. This is also great for old people with chronic back problems and joint pain.


It can build core stability and leg muscles, also a perfect upper body activity.


It is a heavy workout for one’s legs and gluteus. It can also mobilize the core if you drive in a rough terrain. It is also considered as one of the most practical exercises today considering the fact that gas prices are soaring high.

Circuit weight training

It encourages a full body and well-rounded workout, which can be good form some people. This can be part of older people’s strength training.


This is great for older individuals since it can strengthen their muscles that support lower back health and urinary continence.

Different activities

This includes dancing, skating, skiing, golfing, and all the other fun and active hobbies that can help in maintaining a balanced life of having fun and being fit at the same time.

Best and Terrific Exercises For Oldies

Older people should refrain from high-impact and stressful sports or activities such as tennis, especially if an individual have painful joints.

Three Positive Attitudes You Must Posses

In order to succeed in life, there are things that you must and mustn’t do. There are things that you might have to change in yourself, and there are things that you must learn. Life can be difficult if viewed in a certain perspective, while it can seem like a breeze for others. The key to living life is, in part, dependent on what attitude you have in dealing with it. This is why there are those who live miserably, while others live happily and contentedly, regardless of material possessions.


Three Positive Attitudes You Must Posses

Among the positive traits that you must possess is resilience. Life is never a smooth ride. There will be bumps along the way, big and small. These bumps can be taken as tests that strengthen character or as difficulties that make life miserable. Either way, each person will have to go through quite a few of these bumps during his lifetime, so it is important to be resilient. Life can knock you down and pull you even lower just when you think you’re at your lowest. If you’re resilient though, you can easily jump back into shape after whatever troubles you come across. No matter how hard the challenges could get, you can always spring back from them if you’re resilient.


Another positive trait that you must possess is being goal oriented. In life, it is important to have direction to know where you’re headed. Living without a goal would practically mean living without direction. While sometimes it can be good to live without any goals to think about, that sort of lifestyle is best kept temporary. By having goals, people can have something to strive for, something to try and accomplish. While this doesn’t automatically mean that you get whatever you set your eyes on, this still means that you’d have something to aim for and something to strive for in your life. The goals you set for yourself don’t necessarily have to be huge or life changing so long as you has something in your life to get you to keep trying.


Optimism is another positive trait a person must possess. Optimism is having a positive outlook in life. It is being confident about getting a positive outcome, regardless of how dire a situation may seem at a given time. Optimism should keep you from losing hope in life. No matter what troubles you could encounter, you’d still be able to get something positive out of them if you’re optimistic. By being optimistic, no amount of bad experience can take down your confidence that somewhere in the future something good is bound to happen to you.

These are just some of the positive traits that are sure to help you achieve success in life. These traits may not lead you to instant riches or fame, but they sure can take you to places where most couldn’t. These traits can help you fight your way through adversities and ultimately reach the goals you have set for yourself.