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Stress Relief For Women

All of us have experienced the indications of stress this includes difficulty in sleeping, shaking or trembling of hands, a nervous stomach, overeating and many others. Stress is a normal part of our daily lives, and it affects people in different ways. In addition, our coping mechanism will be affected if we encounter too much stress and it mostly brings about negative side effects. However, there are healthy ways to de-stress nowadays and below are ways for women to relieve stress:


Meditation can lower your heart rate and blood pressure and even improve intellectual performance. Meditation can be done in a simple way; just find a comfortable place without any distraction, close your eyes, relax your muscle and stay focused and do not let any distraction enter your mind. If you have more time, you can attend a yoga class wherein both meditation and physical movements are combined.

Listen to music

Soothing and slow music can be very relaxing and can calm a state of mind. Music therapy proved to be helpful in reducing anxiety in medical procedures. Recent studies show that listening to soothing music while in operation can lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

Drink green tea

It contains amino acids or what we call theanine that gives flavour to green tea that promotes relaxation. It is also believed that it counters the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Create or make a relaxation room

This will give you an opportunity to decompress, a time to kick back and relax without the intervention of cell phones, laptops, pads and any electronic devices that can distract your mind. It may not necessarily be a room, but just a place solely devoted to relaxing.

Eat mood-boosting foods

Stress Relief For Women

Some women crave for carbohydrates, sweets and starchy food when stressed. These foods can have comforting effect to some women and thought that it may have to do something with low serotonin levels during this mood state. “Serotonin” is a brain chemical that controls feelings of calmness and relaxation. It is believed that taking and consuming such foods can help boost serotonin levels.

Get a massage

Getting a massage is a nice way to get rid of tensions. Adding aromatherapy oils can be chiefly beneficial too.

Have a hot bath

Heat relaxes muscles and taking a long bath can be comforting for the mind. Going to hot springs or sauna is also a good relaxation.

Daily exercise

Exercise aids to boost endorphins and may reduce stress, and research show that only 20 minutes a day is all that you need to experience the benefits.

Every woman can be stress-free if the right ways of relaxation are done.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga is a type of exercise which helps in the mental, spiritual, and physical attributes of the body. This also helps in attaining permanent peace in the body. There are different traditions of yoga; these are found in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. There are different physical and mental benefits in doing yoga exercises. With regular yoga exercises you will have a healthier body and a clearer mind.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Doing Yoga
  1. Flexibility
    Stretching and moving in new different ways can help your body in becoming flexible. This gives you more range of motion in tight areas. In doing yoga while still young, can help in the flexibility of the body and this will help you feel lesser pain when you age.
  2. Strength
    Yoga helps you in building strength because there are some poses that need you to support your whole body with one leg.
  3. Muscle Tone
    There is an increase in muscle tone in yoga because you tend to use your muscles in supporting your body and in stretching. Yoga also helps you shaping your muscles.
  4. Balance
    Balance in yoga is usually improved and becomes as a benefit when you get older. This is a great way to build core strength in yoga.
  5. Joint Health
    This helps in improving the mobility of joints for those with arthritis and relieves pain. Yoga also helps by making your joint ligaments become more flexible and prevent it from tearing which is usually caused by old age.
  6. Pain Prevention
    Yoga helps in alleviating pain from those who usually sit for a long time. Stretching helps in the pain prevention with the tight or compressed joints and muscles.
  7. Better Breathing
    Yoga breathing exercises help clear the nasal passages and calm the nervous system. This yoga breathing exercise also helps in distributing oxygen throughout the body.

Mental Benefits of Yoga

  1. Mental Calmness – In yoga, you need to concentrate to make your body and mind calm. This makes you relax and improve your breathing using the meditation techniques.
  2. Stress Reduction – Yoga helps in reducing stress through meditation. This helps your mind to not dwell on the past. This also is very helpful for those who are struggling with infertility.
  3. Body Awareness – Yoga helps you in becoming aware of your body by making small and subtle movements to improve the alignment of your body. This could also help in improving your posture and self-confidence.