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How You Can Deal With Stress-Related Insomnia

Insomnia is known to be a sleep disorder wherein one can experience difficulty in sleeping or difficulty in staying or falling asleep. But there are different factors that can contribute to insomnia and one of which are the stresses associated in our lives. You can be overly stressed with your finances, love life, or job, and this makes our sleeping pattern abnormal. If you are currently experiencing stress-related insomnia and you would like to deal with it, here are simple ways that you can do:

How You Can Deal With Stress-Related Insomnia
  1. Writing a journal
    If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night thinking about the different stressors of your life during the day, writing a journal can be an effective tool. It can clear your mind and make you want to brainstorm and plan on how you can manage your life properly.
  2. PMR or progressive muscle relaxation
    It’s a technique that you can do to reduce the tension overall your body. There are easy steps that you can follow which can be done in just 5 minutes.
  3. Find ways to work through all the stresses that you have
    Anxiety can definitely ruin your sleep; you can deal with it by having a better perspective. Give yourself time to think about the opportunities you might have missed by looking at them in different angles. Cognitive restructuring can be helpful on how you can change your perspective whenever a stressful circumstance occurs.
  4. Seek help
    Most of the people do not want any medical or psychological intervention if they suffer insomnia. There are different methods that an individual can actually choose from and this includes medication and cognitive-behavioural activity therapy to deal with stress-related insomnia. Talk to your doctor about your insomnia today to know the different options.

Now you have great ideas on how you can deal with your insomnia due to stress.

Stress Reduction Technics

With the ever growing list of to do things, a very important task is often neglected, this is to relax. Managing stress will lead a healthy life and if you keep forgetting about taking time to relax and unwind, you will lose the essence of life. These stress reduction technics will surely help you.


Meditation helps ease anxiety and stress in your life. Research shows that daily meditation can alter the neutral pathways of the brain; as a result, you can handle stress accordingly. Meditating is simple, just sit up straight on the floor, close your eyes and focus by uttering the words: I love myself or I am at peace. To synch the thoughts with your breathing, place your hand on your stomach and let distracting thoughts fly away like clouds.

Breathe Deeply

If your thoughts are geared towards the problems that are bothering you, take a break and breathe deeply for five minutes. Inhale and feel the breath that comes from your abdomen and goes on top of your head. After doing this process, it is time to exhale. Do this process repeatedly until you feel relaxed. According to studies, deep breathing reduces the effects of stress because your heart rate slows down and blood pressure lowers down too.

Slow Down

Most people tend to rush things to keep up with their schedules and finish on time. To be different, take some time to slow down. You can take five minutes to focus on a single behaviour. With this, you will feel the simple joys like how it feels like to experience the air as it touches your face and your feet hitting the ground. Enjoy every bite of your food, its taste and texture as you slowly chew them. Spending time to focus and slow down, you will feel the tension as it leaves your body.

Stress Reduction Technics

Reach Out

When you feel stressed out, a support system or someone who lends a hand and ear to help you is enough to reduce stress.

Listen To Your Body

You may not realize but the best answer to your questions and stresses in life are within you. Scan yourself and body to answer how stress affects your daily life. All you need to do is lying on your back, and start assessing your body. Start from your feet to your head and notice how this process helps in listening to your body’s needs.

Stress Reduction Technics

The answer to reducing stress is within our inner self. Take time to meditate, breathe deeply, slow down, reach out and listen to your body’s needs. It may take time to master these technics but you should start now.